Compare My House

The standard tool that Realtors use to establish the market value of your property is called a Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA. Each Realtor has his own "secret formula" that goes into his analysis, but we all generally use other similar real estate currently on the market or recently sold. The sold comparables generally tell you what your property can sell for; currently active real estate usually tells you what your property will NOT sell for; that is to say that the sold properties usually establish the bottom of the price range, while currently active properties usually establish the top of the price range.

Searching the currently active properties like yours on my search page will give you a rough idea of what your property is worth. If you would like a more detailed analysis just contact me and I would be happy to help you out. And don't worry, this is a completely free service I provide as part of my commitment to assist the people of Humboldt County in every way I can with their real estate needs.

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