Automated Email Updates

What is automatic update Service?

Automated updates are emails sent directly to you whenever a new home is placed in the Multiple Listing Service in Humboldt County. The type of listing you receive depends entirely on the search criteria you give me. In order to receive automatic updates that best fit what you are looking for there is a minimum amount* of information you must include in your request. The more specific results you desire, the more information is necessary.

Please be aware that there is a balance between too much and not enough information. Too specific a request has the potential to leave out potential properties. Keep in mind these are automated requests. If you are searching for a very specific type of property you may get the best search results by contacting me directly. Simply state in your email that you would like me to contact you personally with your search results. 

Suggested Information:

  • Email address*
  • Residential, Commercial, Land or Investment Property
  • Desired Area
  • Price Range
  • Minimum Square Footage
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Lot size or acreage

Anytime you wish to change the criteria of your search please contact me and I will update it in a timely manner. If you wish to discontinue the automatic update service simply follow the instructions sent with the updates. Thank you for you interest, and happy shopping!


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