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  • Born in Smackover, Arkansas February 24, 1967
  • Graduated in 1985 from Clarksville High School, Clarksville, Texas.
  • Graduated Cum Laude as a Fulbright College Honors Scholar from University of Arkansas, Fayetville in 1989.
  • Taught High School and Middle School English and French, and coached football, baseball, and baskeball from    1989-2004 in Tucson, Arizona; Northwest Arkansas; and Baytown, Texas;
  • Moved to Humboldt County in February, 1996.
  • Worked as a music and youth pastor in Tucson, Arizona and Arcata, California from 1994 to 2004.
  • Married Janine Davis Kingery on April 16, 1997.
  • Currently have 8 children; 2 boys and 6 girls.
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  • Licensed and admitted to the Humboldt Association of Realtors April 1, 2004.
  • First five years sales of nearly 100 units totaling more than $20,000,000.00


Client Testimonies

"WOW! I didn't know Realtors did that!" - Randi

“Jeff, You know that I love your FB Fan Page. My hero - I'm learning!” – Stacey, another Realtor

"Dude, you have one heck of a great business platform on your facebook page.” – Sandra, another Realtor

“You work hard for your sellers (and buyers, too) to make them feel like their property is the only property out there and you give them a level of service above what other Realtors do.” – Ashley

“Your business plan contains [items which] I consider to be critical for the successful marketing of a high-end property…” –John & Christine

“Jeff! I'm constantly impressed by what a supportive and selfless guy you are, and I'm happy to be your fan!” - Muir

Thank you for your “optimism & willingness to research for answers.” I could “trust that my concerns or problems were important to you…” - Patti

“… In regards to your [property] website, it was very helpful and was instrumental in us making this decision. It’s human nature to question a large purchase as time goes by and you can’t see what you’re contemplating buying…the fact that I could daily go to the site, share pictures with friends and keep the excitement going was probably the main reason we went through with the deal. I doubt we would have done the deal without the site.” - John

“The price for Jeff is an extremely good value. He made our home sale so easy. You think it's a lot of money until you try it yourself. You have a fool for a client. Besides, Jeff is so excited about his work, he makes you excited about what is going on!” - Dave

“Awesome customer service…[you were] willing to go the extra mile and always available.” - Jeff

Your “communication with me was excellent, explaining [everything] so I understood the process.” – Carmen

I “appreciate your patience with my many questions.” – Danielle

We appreciated “your willing[ness] to do whatever we wanted and your personal touch. Although we were completely unsure of what we could get or what we wanted, you made it possible for us to get our dream house.” - Steve & Alicia

You have “excellent marketing ideas for property sales.” - Randi

Thanks for your “Awesome customer service & willingness to go the extra mile. You were always available and had excellent marketing ideas for property sales.” – Jeff & Randi

“Jeff is a dynamite sales person. He acted with integrity and was a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend him.” – Dale & Pat

“Jeff was wonderful to work with. As first-time homebuyers, we felt very supported.” – Russ & Jennifer

“A home owner pays a lot for their Realtor and you want the best bang for your buck right? So with Jeff you get it- much, much more than any other Realtor.” – Shauna

“Jeff, You're an excellent Realtor... we are your fans for life!!!” – Merry Ann

“Realtor Jeff Ragan treated me with the utmost kindness and consideration. I will most definitely go to Jeff when I wish to sell my house…” - Geri



       Buying a home is the largest single purchase people ever make. It's a complicated process conducted in the foreign language of "legalese" and laced with many pitfalls for the unsuspecting homebuyer to get tripped up. It is a waste of time for people to try to become experts on real estate transactions for the 2 or 3 times they might buy a home over their lifetimes, yet it's such a big and important step that everyone needs to have an assurance that they are doing the right thing at the right time. I encourage every homebuyer to find a real estate agent that they can trust, an expert in the field that can negotiate the legalities and pitfalls of the real estate transaction and ensure that the homebuyer doesn't get surprised by anything; someone of impeccable character who can be trusted to steward the largest financial deal most people ever make. This is the kind of Realtor I try to be.

        I want my clients to know that I have their best interest as my first and only priority. I listen carefully to their wants and desires, and help them "shop around" until they have found the perfect place for them. I work hard to increase my skill in navigating the intracacies of real estate transactions. And I thoroughly enjoy the process of communicating with my clients until all of their questions are answered and they have peace about every step on the road to realizing their real estate dreams. I don't want my clients to simply get into a house; I want every one of my clients to enjoy the thrill and excitement of purchasing and moving into their dream home.

       Janine and I bought our house in 1997. Four of our eight kids were brought home from the hospital to our house. All eight have left reminders of the stages through which they have grown in the fabric of our house. (Many would not come out with Goo-gone even!) It has truly become our home. I still look back with respect, admiration and gratitude to the Realtor who helped us purchase our home. That's the kind of Realtor I want to be for you.




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