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What is?

“… In regards to your [property] website, it was very helpful and was instrumental in us making this decision. It’s human nature to question a large purchase as time goes by and you can’t see what you’re contemplating buying…the fact that I could daily go to the site, share pictures with friends and keep the excitement going was probably the main reason we went through with the deal. I doubt we would have done the deal without the site.” - John


Fact: 90% of all home buyers use the internet in their real estate search.

  • What is Extreme Marketing?
  • Extreme Marketing™ is designed to plant as many of your home's selling features into the hearts and minds of these internet home buyers as possible by using

  • Property-Specific Web Sites
  • Interactive Virtual Tours
  • 3-D Floor Plans
  • Dual-sided glossy flyers
  • Non-Traditional/Traditional Marketing
  • Marketing so thorough that the first time they walk through the door, they will wonder if they have been there before.

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    Extreme Marketing™

    90% of all home buyers use the internet in their real estate search. Extreme Marketing™ is designed to put as many views of the selling features of your home into the hearts of minds of these internet home buyers as possible.

    The vast majority of current internet portals have limitations on the information that can be shared about your house.  Realtor.com and similar sites, and the local multiple listing services (MLS) maintained by Realtor associations all have limitation on the number of photos or the amount of verbiage that can be shared about the selling features of your house.  Realtor.com limits the number of photos to 25; the local Humboldt MLS limits the words describing a house to 80.  Extreme Marketing™ enables you to by-pass these limits and to make your home and its features stand out above the competition.  Your home can win the hearts and minds of potential buyers, and can get sold more quickly and for more money.




    The key component of Extreme Marketing™ is a property-specific website.  While property search sites and MLS services must put limits on the data about specific features, a website dedicated to your home provides unlimited – and I mean unlimited – space to display as many of the selling features of your home as you desire.  With a website, I can show people your home through photographs, interactive virtual tours, 3-D floor plans, diagrams, maps, aerial photos, text, video...our creativity is the only limit to the features we can show!  Virtually no selling feature of your home needs to be sacrificed because of other people’s space limitations. With a website, I can show a potential buyer the selling features that other homes just can’t show.  For example, I had a client with an elderly mom, and when they remodeled her bathroom, they made the towel racks into stud-mounted grab rails.  You can’t take a photo to show a stud-mounted grab rail.  If your space is limited, you won’t waste it to tell a buyer about a stud-mounted grab rail.  If you tour the home you can’t see that it’s a  stud mounted grab rail. But on a website, we can tell about the stud-mounted grab rail, and the multitude of other similar features that just can’t be explained or shown in the limitations of traditional marketing media.  We can tell about the brilliant color of the tree out front that will bloom 5 months from now. We can tell about the way the sun comes through a certain window in image 420mckinley.comthe evening.  We can tell about the custom, hidden features that a proud owner builds into his home. We can show the perfect spot for the Christmas tree. The list is, literally,limitless.
    Additionally, a website with such rich content invites potential buyers to spend hours searching through your home, while they are spending only minutes looking through our competitors!  All the while our selling features are becoming implanted into their hearts and minds.  When they finally tour our home, they feel like they’ve already been there, and they recognize the features we’ve already told them about.  When they tour our competitors’ homes, they don’t even notice many of the features of that home. The end result is a home sold more quickly, and for a higher price than similar homes marketed in the traditional way.



    Interactive VirtualTours

    Our interactive virtual tours are one of the key components to our website content.  Through advanced computer software, I am able to take a image virtual tourseries of photos which are then stitched together to make a panorama of your home, up to 360°. I can link these panoramas together using hot spots to enable a buyer to virtually walk through your home on their computer any time of the day or night. 
    Normally I will make a panorama of the front of your home, and put a hot spot on the front door.  That hot spot will be linked to another panorama taken just inside the front door, with hot spots on it linked to each of the doorways seen from there. A buyer can click on the hot spot to the living room, and be taken to a panorama of the living room with a hot spot in the opposite corner.  The buyer can then click that spot, walk across the living room, and view the room back toward the door through which they just walked.  imgae virtual They can click on the hotspot that leads through the door to the dining room, or they can click on the other hot spot to the front door and walk back through the door through which they just came.  In this manner, a buyer can virtually walk through your entire home from the comfort of their own home from anywhere in the world!
    The primary benefit of this aspect of Extreme Marketing™ is that potential buyers get a very clear view of the look and layout of your home.  Secondary benefits include the ability to “show” your home without having to spend hours cleaning it up and getting it ready to show.  The actual showings we receive are from people that have already walked through your home virtually, have liked what they have seen, and are ready to see if it looks as good in person as it does on the computer.



    3-D Floor Plansimage 3D floor plan

    One of the first questions buyers often ask after seeing photos of a house is, “What’s the floor plan like?”  Our custom 3-D Floor Plans answer that question, and make buyers say “Wow!”  A 3-D Floor Plan enables a buyer to “move into” the house;  they can assign rooms, move their furniture in, and envision a lifestyle – family dinners, birthday parties, barbeques with friends, etc.  It lets them see how the individual rooms fit together to form an organic “whole.”  And it provides a great outline on our web sites and our flyers…

    An example of one of our 3D floor plans....




    Dual-Sided, Glossy FlyersDual Sided Glossy Flyer

    Have I mentioned our flyers yet?  Every listing I serve has a flye rbox out front filled with dual-sided flyers printed on glossy,extra-heavy paper, and featuring full-color photos, a floorplan of the home,and key selling features.  Dual Sided Glossy FlyerThe bestpart of the flyer, though, is the web address to our property’s custom website, where potential buyers can get every last view and detail of your home. Many buyers have started viewing our websites on their internet-connected smartphones from inside their cars in front of thehome after getting the website off a flyer from the box in front of the home.


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    Non-Traditional, Traditional Marketing

    Sample of a Suddenlink Ad.
    image home source adAnd that’s really the secret to Extreme Marketing™:  we can turn any traditional advertising piece into a bonanza of information about your home by simply including the web site address.  I advertise my listings in our local Home Magazine, and I include the address to the home’s custom website, so a simple, one-photo, 20 word advertisement becomes an explosion of beautiful selling features for your home.  When I advertise on our local real estate cable channel, Homesource, I include a banner with the web address, so a 3 photo, 20 second clip turns into a image home magazine advirtual tour from the owners of the home.  I can write the web address on the back of a business card and ultimately share more selling features with a buyer than traditional real estate advertising can.

          Sample of a Home Magazine Ad.